CR Property Management has taken a bold new direction in the way we work – how we serve our clients, how we deal with our suppliers. The goal was clearly set out: to transform ourselves into a customer-focused organization that consistently delivers on our promise to the people we serve. How did we plan to accomplish this? Through a team-based approach that not only offers our clients a consistent level of experience and accessibility, but encourages our own people to think of themselves as a driving force that’s greater than its individual parts. This new approach to our business has already begun to bear fruit. And it is just the beginning. We continually monitor our results, and constantly look for innovative ways to do things better.

CR Property Management has defined itself as a company that has an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and our residents. We believe the team approach is the best strategy to ensure that we deliver on this promise. Teams enable us to satisfy our customers in a coordinated way. They offer a depth of service. As such, our client can be served more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Our team approach offers you the benefits of dealing with a smaller company - all the while reaping the rewards that come with the clout of the largest property management company in Bend, Oregon.


At CR Property Management, our goals are to increase asset value and provide superb customer service. We accomplish these objectives in a variety of ways.

At the beginning of our relationship, we establish your needs according to the property and accounting requirements. We operate on a proactive basis - meeting your requirements, yet always looking for ways to maximize your returns.


At CR Property Management, we can do more than simply provide excellent management for your properties. We are proactive in helping you maximize assets, improve cash flow and build strong resident relations.